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LVHUG March Meet-up Recap

Apr 5, 2018 | Recaps, lvhug

On March 29th, 2018 SmartAcre hosted the Lehigh Valley HubSpot Users Group (LVHUG) meet-up for an evening of networking and exciting presentations, held at the Banana Factory in Bethlehem, PA. 

The LVHUG events are opportunities for marketing and sales professionals and individuals interested in learning more about digital marketing to come together to network, collaborate, and share ideas and best practices on all things marketing and automation. Make sure you don't miss the next LVHUG by registering to receive alerts

Here's a quick recap: 

Melissa Smith - How to Use Non-Verbal Communication and Emotional Intelligence for Improved Networking and Sales

Melissa Smith, Sales Manager at Adams Outdoor presented How to Use Non-Verbal Communication and Emotional Intelligence for Improved Networking and Sales. Melissa shared how body language reveals a lot more than meets the eye and gave insight on how to read certain body language cues that can help you get the most out of your networking and sales experiences. Make sure to check out the slides and see just how much body language influences your day to day communication. 

Megan Veltri - Structure Your 2018 Strategy with Pillar Content

Megan Veltri, Senior Inbound Marketing Associate at SmartAcre, shared insight and tips on how to Structure your 2018 Strategy with Pillar Content. Megan discussed how some of Google's recent algorithm updates change the way users search for information, and how you should structure your content marketing strategy in 2018 to make the most of it. She gave an overview on HubSpot's topic cluster model, as well as how to get started creating your first pillar page. Check out these great examples of pillar pages from Moz and HubSpot

Lynn Olanoff - Boost Your Business Through Blogging

Lynn Olanoff, Marketing Communications Specialist at Concannon Miller, CPA shared tips to Boost Your Business Through Blogging. Lynn shared insightful information on what blogging can do for your business and where to gather ideas for blog content. Lynn also discussed her own experience with blogging and shared her results! Make sure you check out the slides to see how you can improve your blog today. 

 March 2018 Pre LVHUG Set up

Melissa Smith LVHUG Presentation

Megan Veltri LVHUG Presentor

Lynn Olanoff Presentor at the LVHUG

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The Lehigh Valley HubSpot User Group (HUG) is hosted by SmartAcre, Inc. and meets at convenient locations across the Lehigh Valley. It allows marketing and sales professionals, inbound marketers, and anyone interested in marketing technology to share expertise, collaborate on ideas, and gain the necessary knowledge to advance their digital skills.

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