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LVHUG 2018 Q3 Meetup Recap

Oct 5, 2018 | HubSpot Inbound, campaign management, inbound marketing, social media

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it to the Q3 LV HUG! There were lots of great questions and answers from the participants and panelists so let's take a brief minute to reconnect and recap, especially for those who were unable to attend. On September 26th we gathered at Alloy5 to socialize, network and collaborate in a Q&A style forum discussing topics including social media strategies, campaign management, and the latest features HubSpot announced at Inbound 2018.

Special thanks to our panelist Angela Kilburg from Alloy5, Anna Broomall and Zach Zima from Smartacre as well as Dave Snyder for facilitating the panel discussion.

While it was ⚡ lightning outside, there was a thunderous discussion inside. The 1-hour video is well worth viewing, but time is short, so below are some short digestible highlights from the panel discussion.



Alloy5 on Social Media: Followers = Friends

Q:  How does Alloy5 tackle social media? Are there any tidbits or advice you can share with anybody who is just getting started?

Angela’s goes on to describe the problems Alloy5 faces when handling their social media. Architecture, as an industry, is filled with complicated industry jargon (like the word Plinth) that can alienate their followers. That’s why the Alloy5 social media team focuses on treating their followers as friends: “Our Instagram is framed around ‘what would I want my friends to know’” She states. “I want them to know our office culture, I would want them to know what fun event we were doing, what we were working on, I would want them to know more about what we do so we can educate them in an entertaining way.” It is this viewpoint of treating followers like friends that empowers her to create content that resonates with people instead of satisfying the complex nature of the industry.

Watch Angela's Response


HubSpot’s Inbound 2018: Marketers already know about flywheels

Q. Does anyone have any takeaways from Inbound 2018?

Hubspot’s Annual Inbound conference is the ultimate gathering of marketing geeks, evangelists, and celebs and is met with tremendous anticipation by everyone in the marketing and sales community.  This year’s focus on repackaging the buyer’s funnel into a flywheel left much to be desired. “..Concepts that HubSpot is preaching, which is ‘everything is about the customer, delighting the customer, think of everyone as your customer’ is what we’ve all been doing [as marketers]” she points out. “It was a great reinforcer,” she says, but she just wished there was more substance to this year's presentations.

Watch Anna's Response


Introducing Video into your accounts: Soapbox showing us how to do it right

Q. Have you noticed any trends or tactics that will be critical as we move ahead to Q4?

Zach reinforces what everyone in the room was thinking: Video. “It’s not just grabbing a camera and start shooting your day-to-day but having a strategy towards it. A purpose towards it,” he explains. The company Wistia, a video platform company known for their Google Chrome plugin Soapbox, launched a video campaign just a few weeks prior and was a perfect example of this, he said. In this campaign, Wistia illustrated the impact budget has on video quality by creating an advertisement for Soapbox with a budget of $1,000, $10,000 and $100,000. Wistia’s examination of video quality relative to budget is aligned with their product offering and demonstrates that video has to work as an extension of a business's strategy as opposed to an unnecessary add-on.

Watch Zach's Response

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